Powered Ancillaries


Used for air conveyed trim, the trims and air enter the basket from the side which creates an ‘air curtain’, allowing the trims to spiral directly on to the screw, excess air is exhausted through the perforated sides.



Single or double vacuum degassing stations can be fitted on to any of Plasmacs range of machines, the type depends on the contamination or type of volatile on, or in the material. Vacuum venting allows printed materials, hydroscopic materials or materials with volatiles to be vented to improve the final quality of the pellets produced.



Primarily used on the Omega or Integra machines. Made in different widths and lengths based on the machine it will feed. Normally fitted with an integrated Metal Detector to stop any metal from passing in to the machine. Can feed, loose, slabbed, lump and many other forms of scrap material and can be used simultaneously with a Rollfeed and / or trim basket system.



Manual, hydraulic, or fully automatic back-flushing screenchangers are available, depending on the application and the level of contamination in the material being processed.



An industry proven haul-off, designed as an alternative system to the Powerfeed system to remove in-line trim and comes complete with the facility to be synchronised with the OEM winder to maintain constant tension. Our Haul Off units can be used with all the Plasmac range of recycling machines or as a stand-alone unit to remove trim to a storage facility.



A full range or units are available including both normal and ultra-high sensitivity versions designed to reliably detect both ferrous and non ferrous contamination. Available for all machines.



A feed unit for materials when in flake or chip form from a granulation system, it comprises a hopper fitted with an auger screw at the bottom and 2 lateral stirrers to prevent bridging. The unit is mounted directly to the extruder feed entry and is available in either side or vertical feed depending on the material.



The Dtec unit is used to detect pellet or particulate ow in pipework and has adjustable sensitivity. Shown here as a stand-alone unit which can be retro tted to virtually any granule/particulate transporting system. The Dtec is built into the control system on new Plasmac machines.



The latest versions of our proven feeding unit. Available with a range of rollers to suit almost any application these simple yet robust units provide the basis of our feeding options. Fully automatic operation, available for all machines in sizes from 300mm to 800mm widths. All units have an adjustable pneumatic tension system as standard. The Reelfeed can be run simultaneously with in-line trim when used with the Alpha series recycling extruders or as a dedicated system for off-spec reels.



A feed unit for high speed, sticky or extensible trims (such as lamination or stretch film). The Supatrim is mounted vertically above the extruder feed and has a set of adjustable guide wheels, it is fitted with a take up system that gives the option of feeding the material into the unit at full line speed. The unit can be synchronised to the main winder or run independently.



The Hydrocool Pelletizer is available in a range of sizes:Each model is inclusive of variable speed AC driven knife cassette, rotary cooled pellet collector, water tank, water chutes, lters, pumps, heat exchanger, centrifuge and secondary cooling/discharge cyclone (not shown). Available with all the Plasmac range of recycling machines or as a stand-alone pelletizing system.



With experience gained from a wide variety of feedstock materials we can offer a range of sizes that will meet your requirements. All Plasmac silo systems come with an automatic discharge system and can be engineered to suit any speci c application. Available as a turnkey solution when coupled with the ALPHA series recycling extruders or can be used as a buffer for storage silo.